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Your surgical instruments and equipment will receive top-notch service from Resmart Repair Service. You benefit from minimal case disruption, quicker repair turnaround, and lower service costs thanks to the ability to repair, refurbish, or replace most surgical instruments. Our team of skilled technicians take pride in providing exceptional craftsmanship with each repair, and our repair process is governed by the leading industry standards for quality ISO 9001. Additionally, Resmart offers on-demand and on-site education and training for your staff in an effort to reduce avoidable equipment damage. The aim? Improve patient safety, extend the equipment's useful life, and generate immediate cost savings.




Surgical Instrument Repairs
Resmart Repair Service offers a full range of surgical instrument repair services, including laparoscopic instrument re-insulation, complex forcep repairs, surgical instrument diamond dusting and a lot more to ensure the integrity and performance of your surgical instruments.

Flexible Endoscope Repairs
Resmart Repair Service offers a flexible endoscopy repair service that meets the highest standards of patient safety and quality. From simple maintenance to complex repairs, we keep flexible endoscopes working like new while reducing service costs.

Rigid Endoscope Repairs
Resmart Repair Service offers a wide range of repair services for a network of rigid endoscopes and components, from rigid endoscopes to fiber optic cables to video equipment.
Surgical Power Tool Repairs
As one of the most used items in the operating room, Resmart Repair Service helps extend the life of critical power tools such as pneumatic, electric/battery, phaco, and dental without sacrificing performance or quality.

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