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Dental Handpiece Repairs

Jensen Instrument Technologies offers the foremost and leading repair service available today, led by a team of highly qualified biomedical technicians who ensure our technicians are professionally trained to execute both major and minor repairs on all dental handpiece makes and models.

Manufacturer List

At Jensen Instrument Technologies, our technicians have a reputation for service excellence. Mainly from their many years’ experience in the performance of preventive maintenance on dental handpiece equipment and instruments, as well as the repair of all high- and low-speed dental handpieces manufactured by:​

  • Midwest

  • Star

  • Bien-Air

  • KaVo

  • NSK/Brasseler

  • W&H

Standard Overhaul Includes

Jensen Instrument Technologies is consistently providing the lowest prices in combination with the highest quality, making it the dental handpiece repair solution of choice. Our standard overhaul includes:

  • Replacement of bearings, O-rings and seals.

  • Dental handpiece concentricity check.

  • Cleaning and polishing of the external shell.

  • Cleaning of air and water lines.

  • Replacement of the end gasket.

  • Testing under a load of 32 to 40 psi.


Established supplier with over 30 years of experience


24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services


In-stock facilities throughout Australia

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