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Surgical Instrument Repairs

Surgical Instrument Repairs

During the 1980s, a unique repair company started fulfilling the need for surgical instrument repair, maintenance, and supply. We realized that surgeons and hospital staff were often too busy to take care of the administrative and repair processes involved in surgical instrument repair and equipment maintenance. Furthermore, dealing with the repair and maintenance of surgical instruments took a great deal of time, which practitioners felt could be better spent attending to patients in need. In order to help surgeons and hospital staff do what they do best, Jensen Instrument Technologies provides a high-quality solution to the repair, maintenance, and supply of surgical instruments via expert Technicians.

Why Use Jensen Instrument Technologies Surgical Instrument Repair Service?

Taking advantage of the surgical instrument repair service ensures peace of mind that every surgical instrument repaired will be as good as new. Here is why:


Expertly Qualified – Technicians are trained by the actual manufacturer of each surgical instrument to ensure they excel in the repair of the manufacturers’ product(s).


Skills Training – Technicians regularly travel overseas for procedural training, updates on surgical instrument repair, and skills workshops.


Continuing Communication – Intercommunication between Technicians and manufacturers are continuous, ensuring the latest techniques and knowledge are deployed in services.


Superior Service Experience – Jensen Instrument Technologies is widely known for providing the ultimate service experience.


The rapid and precise quality of Jensen Instrument Technologies and repair services embraces all aspects of theatre and central sterilising department (CSSD) requirements.


The confidence and trust bestowed to Jensen Instrument Technologies by customers applaud this unique and specialised benefit.

Why Service Your Instrumentation?

Why Service Your Instrumentation? Instrumentation, especially surgical instruments, are at the forefront of every procedure. Servicing your instrumentation ensures its reliability and lifespan.


The repair and maintenance of surgical instruments are of the utmost importance and should be continually up to date with the manufacturers’ specifications and in line with TGA standards.


In the end, up to date surgical instrumentation repair and maintenance can make the difference in saving a life.


Manufacturer List

At Jensen Instrument Technologies, our Technicians have a reputation for service excellence. Especially due to their many years’ experience in the performance of preventive maintenance and the repair of surgical equipment and surgical instruments.


Our Technicians work on most surgical instruments manufactured by:

  • Aesculap

  • Codman

  • Kaiser

  • Medtronic

  • R.Wolf

  • KLS Martin and many more

Surgical Instrument Repair Services:

  • Scissor Sharpening / Repair

  • Needle Holder Repair / Restoration

  • Forceps Repair / Restoration

  • Osteotome Sharpening / Repair

  • Rongeur Sharpening / Repair

  • Retractor Repair

  • Haemostat Repair

  • Clamp Repair

  • Kerrison Sharpening / Repair

  • Suction Rebuilding / Repair

  • Pituitary Instrument Repair

  • And much more…

Our Capabilities:

  • Laser Welding

  • Diamond Dusting

  • Gold Dipping

  • Colour Coating

  • Brush, Polish, Refinishing

  • Glass Bead Finishing Process

  • Chemical Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Process


Established supplier with over 30 years of experience


24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services


In-stock facilities throughout Australia

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