Jensen Instrument Technologies is a long established company distributing precision surgical instrumentation across Australia and New Zealand. Our company specialises in the supply of maintenance of precision mechanical, optical and power surgical instruments for surgical theatres.

Our Company

We accurately assess each requirement and source the best solution without being limited to any manufacturer. The independence and integrity of our holistic ability guarantee a favourable outcome for our clients, both in asset protection and economic value.


Jensen Instrument Technologies has expanded its product portfolio and matrix, including the expansion of our facility, and is now firmly established as a key supplier of electrosurgery and instrumentation to neuro, orthopaedics, cardiac, bariatric, general, plastics and reconstruction specialities.

Jensen Instrument Technologies has a streamlined, fast and effective response to enquiries, reliable deliveries, competitive prices and an efficient after-sales service. We ensure total commitment to each individual customer’s request.

Our Facilities

Our facilities incorporate a large, modern warehouse stocked with an extensive range of instruments, spare parts and accessories. In addition, we have a fully equipped repair and maintenance division, complete with a heave filtered environment and an instrument testing department to meet the manufacture and ISO9001 standards.

Our Service

We offer technical support on instrumentation involving our qualified technicians and have a 24-hour in factory turnaround solution for site repairs and maintenance programs.

Our Quality

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, resulting in the successful accreditation of our quality assurance system. We practice perfection in all facets of business.




To provide superior quality services and instruments for the medical industry throughout Australia.



Outstanding products and service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.



Be adventurous, creative and open-minded.



Work together, across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers and help the company win.



A strong Will to Win in every aspect of our business.

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