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Jensen Instrument Technologies offers a "Resmart Service" which will allow customers to have defective or outdated instruments repaired, refurbished, and/or replaced at the same price as the original repair. This service is beneficial because it eliminates price spikes associated with surgical instruments being replaced nearing the end of their life.

We always disclose the cost of our services upfront, so that our customers know exactly what they're paying. There are never any surprises with costs associated with our products or services.

It is possible to repair instruments elsewhere, but the quality of service provided by Resmart Service cannot be beat. We specially trained our technicians in manufacturing rather than simply repairing existing equipment.

Our goal is to restore instruments to as "new" of a condition as possible. Where we cannot repair an instrument, we will replace it at the cost of a repair. This results in both financial savings and instrument trays can be repeatedly up cycled.


  • Quality, good surgical results

  • Patient safety and savings

  • Consistent high-quality service

  • Highly qualified and experienced technicians

  • Instrument tray upcycling

  • Real long-term value, not 'quick fixes'

  • Our repair or replacement promise will provide a replacement at the cost of repair.

EZI CASE™ is a fast, efficient time management packaging and transport option for surgical instrument repair logistics

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