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Surgical Endoscope Repairs

Jensen Instrument Technologies’ Technicians are professionally trained and have many years’ experience executing both major and minor endoscope repairs on all makes and models.

We repair all repair rigid and flexible endoscopes

  • Rod Lens’ replacement

  • Insertion tube replacement

  • Eye-cup replacement

  • Objective replacement

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Jensen Instruments Technologies is consistently providing the best prices in combination with the highest quality, making it the flexible and rigid endoscope repair solution of choice. Our standard overhaul includes:

  • Onsite representation & support.

  • Fast turnaround time.

  • Genuine parts and optics are utilized.

  • All repairs are calibrated and tested to meet the manufacturers’ specifications.


Established supplier with over 30 years of experience


24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services


In-stock facilities throughout Australia

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