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Surgical Instruments - Scalpel Handle and Knives - Scalpel Handles

Surgical Instruments - Scalpel Handle and Knives - Scalpel Handles




VD-HKI-108    No. 3 Solid


VD-HKI-110    No. 3 Solid, with scale

VD-HKI-109    No. 3 Solid
VD-HKI-107    No. 3 Plastics
VD-HKI-111      No. 3L Solid straight
VD-HKI-112      No. 3L Solid angled


VD-HKI-104    No. 4 Solid


VD-HKI-119    No. 4 Graduated in mm


VD-HKI-225    No. 4 Plastics
VD-HKI-105    No. 4L Solid straight

VD-HKI-106    No. 4L Solid angled

VD-HKI-120    No. 7 Long

VD-HKI-113    No. 7 Solid

VD-HKI-114    No. 7K Solid
VD-HKI-121     No. 5 Solid
VD-HKI-122    13.5 cm / 5¼”    No. 8 Hollow    
VD-HKI-123    14.5 cm / 5¾”    No. 9 Hollow    
Jensen Super                            
VD-HKI-124    No. 10 Hollow            

VD-HKI-115    15.5 cm / 6”    No. 3        
Round hollow handle straight        

VD-HKI-116    14.5 cm / 5¾”    No. 3

Solid, round, straight


VD-HKI-116    14.5 cm / 5½ ”    No. 3

Solid, round, angled 


VD-HKI-118    No. 3        
Round hollow handle angled                
VD-HKI-125    15.5 cm / 6¼”    No. 3        
Hollow golden handle

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