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Surgical Instrument Trays - Lid Wire Mesh Baskets

Surgical Instrument Trays - Lid Wire Mesh Baskets



Lid Wire Mesh Baskets, Fine Mesh Box (with Catch Lock), Fine Mesh Baskets (with Catch Lock)


Lid Wire Mesh Baskets

Lid Wire Mesh Basket (Double Frame)

VD-HLW-221   120 x 250
VD-HLW-222   240 x 250    
VD-HLW-223   255 x 245    
VD-HLW-224   405 x 250    
VD-HLW-225   405 x 255    
VD-HLW-226   480 x 250    
VD-HLW-227   485 x 255    
VD-HLW-228   480 x 360    
VD-HLW-229   480 x 480    
VD-HLW-230   515 x 245    
VD-HLW-231   540 x 250    


Fine Mesh Box (with Catch Lock)

VD-HLW-232   120 x 155 x 40    
VD-HLW-233   235 x 155 x 40    


Fine Mesh Basket (with Catch Lock)

VD-HLW-234   235 x 80 x 30    

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