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Surgical Instrument Trays - Kidney Trays, Dressing Drums, Forceps Jars

Surgical Instrument Trays - Kidney Trays, Dressing Drums, Forceps Jars



Kidney Trays, Dressing Drums, Forceps Jars, Dressing Jars, Waste Collector, Cotton Dispenser


Kidney Tray

Kidney Tray (Shallow Type), 170          VD-HLW-550
Kidney Tray (Shallow Type), 220          VD-HLW-551
Kidney Tray (Shallow Type), 240          VD-HLW-552
Kidney Tray (Without Lid (B,C), 150    VD-HLW-553
Kidney Tray (Without Lid (B,C), 180    VD-HLW-554
Kidney Tray (Without Lid (B,C), 200    VD-HLW-555
Kidney Tray (Without Lid (B,C), 250    VD-HLW-556
Kidney Tray (Without Lid (B,C), 280    VD-HLW-557
Kidney Tray (With lid (D), 150                 VD-HLW-558
Kidney Tray (With lid (D), 180                 VD-HLW-559
Kidney Tray (With lid (D), 200                 VD-HLW-560
Kidney Tray (With lid (D), 250                  VD-HLW-561
Kidney Tray (With lid (D), 280                  VD-HLW-562


Dressing Drum

Dressing Drum, 80 x 80       VD-HLW-563
Dressing Drum, 120 x 120    VD-HLW-564
Dressing Drum, 130 x 290    VD-HLW-565
Dressing Drum, 150 x 140    VD-HLW-566
Dressing Drum, 160 x 120    VD-HLW-567
Dressing Drum, 180 x 180    VD-HLW-568
Dressing Drum, 200 x 190    VD-HLW-569
Dressing Drum, 240 x 240    VD-HLW-570
Dressing Drum, 290 x 240    VD-HLW-571
Dressing Drum, 340 x 240    VD-HLW-572
Dressing Drum, 390 x 200    VD-HLW-573
Dressing Drum, 390 x 290    VD-HLW-574
Dressing Drum, 390 x 390    VD-HLW-575


Forceps Jar

Forceps Jar, 30 x 80      VD-HLW-576
Forceps Jar, 40 x 90      VD-HLW-577
Forceps Jar, 180 x 50     VD-HLW-578
Forceps Jar, 200 x 65     VD-HLW-579
Forceps Jar, 200 x 100   VD-HLW-580


Dressing Jar

Dressing Jar, 80 x 80      VD-HLW-581
Dressing Jar, 90 x 90      VD-HLW-582
Dressing Jar, 100 x 80    VD-HLW-583
Dressing Jar, 100 x 100   VD-HLW-584
Dressing Jar, 120 x 120    VD-HLW-585
Dressing Jar, 125 x 100    VD-HLW-586
Dressing Jar, 150 x 150    VD-HLW-587


Waste Collector       VD-HLW-588
Cotton Dispenser    VD-HLW-589

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