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Ophthalmology - Fixation Instruments

Ophthalmology - Fixation Instruments



Helveston Fixation Forceps
For fixating and retracting the globe

during strabismus procedures.

1 x 20.5 mm teeth. Thumb activated

catch for locking. The instrument

features a unique, weighted,

curved handle for stabilizing

the forceps after affixing it

to the globe. A suture may be

placed through a hole in the end

of the handle and attached to the

drape for additional traction,

118 mm long   




Fixation Forceps
VD-OPT-1285     13.0 mm spread
VD-OPT-1286     3.0 mm spread


Hoffman-Thornton Fixation Ring
Swivel head, 16 mm dia.   




Fine/Thornton Fixation Ring
Swivel Head


13 mm / 11 mm cut out


16 mm / 14 mm cut out

Fine Fixation Ring
Swivel head,

13 mm / 9 mm cut out.

With blunt teeth on both sides   



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