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With the passage of time and the emergence of new technologies, many studies have been made aiming to improve measures for the prevention and treatment of VAP (Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia).

What is VAP

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the most worrisome nosocomial infection in patients who are under mechanical ventilation assistance (MVPA). Although advances are currently seen in the understanding of the disease, the percentage of its incidence is still considered unacceptable.

Data estimate that VAP has an incidence of 9% to 27%, with a mortality rate ranging from 25% to 50%. It is also the cause of the prolonged length of stay in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), which also negatively impacts hospital costs.

Strategies for VAP prevention

WHO (World Health Organization) determined a primer on strategies for VAP prevention:

  • Healthcare professionals must always sanitize their hands, according to standard techniques;

  • The patient must be kept in an elevated decubitus position (30-45 degrees);

  • Aspirate subglottic secretion frequently. For this, an item that must be incorporated into this routine is the Endotracheal tube with supra cuff suction, found in the list of products on Jensen Instrument Technologies' website.

  • It is also possible to opt for the Tracheostomy Cannula, of the brands Portex, Comper, and Well Lead, both with internal cannulas to guarantee the cleaning of the secretion and thus increase the useful life of the product;

  • Adjust the sedation level daily and perform the spontaneous breathing test;

  • Maintain the patient's oral hygiene by using antiseptics;

  • Make correct use of neuromuscular blockers;

  • Monitor the cuff pressure of the tube. In this sense, the measurement of the cuff pressure is fundamental to avoid micro-aspiration of secretion above the cuff, thus preventing VAP. At the surgical store of Jensen Instrument Technologies, it is possible to find equipment suitable for such purposes: the Portex inflator and cuff pressure gauge;

  • Prioritize the use of non-invasive mechanical ventilation. In this case, the Mask for Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) has "claws" to help in facial fixation. At Jensen Instrument Technologies it is possible to find the brands Comper (disposable PVC) and Foyomed (reusable silicone);

  • Pay due attention to the periods for changing the ventilator circuit;

  • Take care so that there is no unplanned (accidental) extubation and consequent re-intubation of the patient;

  • Check the indication and the due care with the humidifiers and suction systems;

  • Prioritize orotracheal intubation. It must be done carefully, with the correct processing of respiratory assistance products and in compliance with the health rules in force and other available scientific evidence.

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Finally, Jensen Instrument Technologies sells a wide range of medical-hospital products and can quickly meet the supply needs of hospitals and clinics throughout Australia.


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