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Sharpening Surgical Scissors - All You Need To Know

The importance of sharpening surgical scissors

Sharpening surgical scissors is important to prevent the scissors from losing their sharpness and getting worn out, something that is bound to happen over time. Having scissors sharpened regularly is indispensable for maintaining safety in the healthcare environment, as sharp cutting instruments offer much more precision in delicate surgeries, as well as less risk of transmitting infections to the human body.

The benefits of sharpening surgical scissors

Sharpening surgical scissors should be done from time to time, even when the tools do not yet present visible problems because the aim of this practice is precisely to avoid the appearance of these flaws before they provide more serious signs. Especially in activities related to medicine, the care with the quality of materials is doubled, since these tools are used directly on people's bodies and, therefore, any lack of precision can compromise the patient's life.

Knowing the risks that a worn tool can provide in the surgical environment, many think that disposal is the solution, which is wrong. In addition to completely refurbishing the objects, sharpening surgical scissors also provides savings by avoiding the expense of buying new materials. With surgical scissors sharpening, it is possible to get new scissors, through a professional and thorough restoration, without spending so much on them.

Whatever the type of problem, from the simplest to the most serious, surgical scissor sharpening guarantees fully restored equipment in up to eight working days for clinics, health centers, hospitals, and health professionals in general who need specialized and streamlined grinding on their surgical cutting tools.


For 39 years in the market, Jensen Instrument Technologies provides professional grinding services on scissors and other precision surgical cutting equipment. Jensen Instrument Technologies, specializes in preventive and corrective maintenance of surgical equipment and tools, working with all kinds of materials in the healthcare sector. Always focused on providing the best quality of service, Jensen Instrument Technologies applies only the highest quality materials, which adds perfection to the result.

To learn more about sharpening your surgical scissors with us:

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