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It is the physician's and the entire hospital staff's duty to ensure the safest and most successful surgery possible for the patient, whether before, during, or after the procedure.

Inside the operating room, even small details, those that are no longer noticed by the hospital staff, gain relevant proportions for the patients. Any communication failure can jeopardize the safety and tranquility of the procedure, bringing harmful consequences.

Learn more about patient safety protocol for safe surgery here.

How to Ensure a Smooth Surgery for Patients

The first step is to follow the checklist developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), thus ensuring a safe surgery. Also, it is recommended that each medical institution complements and puts into practice its list, according to priorities. Here are some basic steps:

1. Before anesthesia

  • Confirm the location of the surgery, patient identification, the procedure that is to be performed, and the confirmation of the consent form;

  • Check the equipment and all the other safety procedures for the anesthesia;

  • Check for possible allergies;

  • Monitor oximetry;

  • Check for any difficulty in ventilation or risk of aspiration;

  • Assess possible blood loss.

2. Before the incision

  • Double-check patient information

  • Confirm the presence of all team members;

  • The doctor in charge of anesthesia should check the critical points of anesthesia;

  • The surgeon should check the critical points of the surgery, such as the duration of the procedure and the risk of blood loss;

  • The nurses should check the critical points of care, such as the situation of the equipment and sterilization indicators;

  • Perform prophylactic antibiotic therapy.

3. After surgery

  • Check the end of the procedure;

  • Check all instruments;

  • Provide precise care during anesthetic recovery;

Note if there were problems with equipment and forward them to the responsible sector.

The occurrence of unforeseen events is likely to happen (and probably will), but it is fundamental to be properly prepared to deal with any situation and guarantee a safe and calm surgery for the patient, his/her family, and the entire team that participates in the procedure.

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