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Ophthalmology - Iol Hooks - Repositor, Nucleus Manipulators

Ophthalmology - Iol Hooks - Repositor, Nucleus Manipulators



Lewicky Lens Manipulating Hook
0.15 mm diameter blunt tip,

angled to right on a curved shaft.   




Rentsch Lens Manipulator
Iris/capsule retractor or pusher /

manipulator for IOLs

with and without holes.   




Maltzman-Fenzl Lens Manipulator
0.15 mm dia. V-shaped tip.

VD-OPT-1266     Shaft: Straight
VD-OPT-1267     Shaft: Angled

Synechiae spatula.

Semi-sharp tips.

VD-OPT-1268     Tip: 1268 0.7mm
VD-OPT-1269     Tip: 1269 0.5mm

Drysdale Nucleus Manipulator
paddle shaped tip   




Bottom Manipulator
Designed for iris retraction

and capsule polishing.

With roughened posterior

surface, angled 45°.
shaft 10 mm from tip to bend.   




Intracapsular Manipulator
Designed to safely spin, chop

and back crack a nucleus

using less phaco time.

Perfect for dialing intraocular

lenses in and out of lhe bag,

the wand is also used

to provide counter traction

in the paracentesis for

improved fixation during

construction of the

phaco incision, capsulorhexis

and lens delivery   



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