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Ophthalmology - Muscle Hooks

Ophthalmology - Muscle Hooks



Retinal Detachment Hook
With 1.5 mm oval hole.

Flattened 13mm.   




Helveston Muscle Hook
Delicate muscle hook w

ith blunt spatulated tip


VD-OPT-1274     8 mm
VD-OPT-1275     10 mm
VD-OPT-1276     12 mm

Helveston Finder Hook
Lightly angled cone shaped tip


VD-OPT-1277     Small
VD-OPT-1278     Large


Helveston Teaser Hook
6 mm hook   




Helveston Retractors
VD-OPT-1280     7 mm
VD-OPT-1281     9 mm
VD-OPT-1282     11 mm

Helveston Scleral Marking Ruler    



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