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Dental Instruments - Dental Photographic Mirrors

Dental Instruments - Dental Photographic Mirrors



VD-DTL-2531 Adult Palatal /
VD-DTL-2532 Child Palatal 


VD-DTL-2533 Buccal


VD-DTL-2534 Adult Palatal /
VD-DTL-2535 Child Palatal 


VD-DTL-2536 Adult Palatal /
VD-DTL-2537 Adult Buccal 


VD-DTL-2538 Lingual Upper /
VD-DTL-2539 Lingual Lower 


VD-DTL-2540 Adult Buccal /
VD-DTL-2541 Child Buccal 


VD-DTL-2542 Child Palatal /
VD-DTL-2543 Child Buccal 


VD-DTL-2544 Palatal Adult


VD-DTL-2545 Palatal-Adult Large


VD-DTL-2546 Palatal-Child


VD-DTL-2547 Buccal-Small


VD-DTL-2548 Buccal


VD-DTL-2549 Lingual

VD-DTL-2550 Lingual-Large

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