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Ophthalmology - Forceps - Capsulorhexis, Iol Forceps

Ophthalmology - Forceps - Capsulorhexis, Iol Forceps



Utrata Style Capsulorhexis Forceps
Round handle for finger tip

rotational control. Iris stop

to prevent inadvertent iris

capture. 45° angled tips

with slim 10 mm shafts

to fit through phaco incision,

without wound tenting.
With guide pin, 105 mm long.




Nevyas Capsulorhexis Forceps
Fine 45° angled tips

with 11 mm straight shafts

and iris stop. Cystotome teeth

can be used to create initial flap

in anterior capsule for single

instrument capsulorhexis procedure,
108 mm long




Kelman-Mcpherson Forceps
Angled 45° shafts.

With 7.5 mm long smooth jaws.


VD-OPT-1071    85mm
VD-OPT-1072    115mm


Kelman-Mcpherson Lens Forceps
7.5 mm long smooth jaws.

Very delicate.



Bechert Lens Forceps

10mm long smooth jaws.

Very delicate.

108 mm long



Clayman Lens Forceps

Gently curved shafts with 90° angled

1.0mm tips. 120mm long


Lens Forceps

Curved shafts with 1mm ring tips,

120mm long



Kratz Style Lens Forceps

Curved narrow smooth jaws.

Very delicate, 120mm long.



Jaffe-Blaydes Lens Forceps

Angled 30° narrow smooth jaws.

Very delicate, 115mm long.



Blaydes Angled Lens Forceps

8mm 45° angled shafts

with smooth jaws, 115mm long



Shepard Lens Forceps

Gently curved shafts

with flat tungsten carbide

coated jaws, 125mm long




Anis Lens Forceps

9mm long smooth jaws,

angled 45° extra delicate

115 mm long




Kelman-Mcpherson Lens Forceps

Lens holding Forceps.

Smooth jaws for holding son IOLS

102 mm Long




Lens Implantation Forceps

The jaw's smooth surfaces

and rounded edges grip

the lens firmly yet gently

115 mm Long




Lens Implantation Forceps

Reverse cross-action.

Smooth rounded curved jaws

105 mm long



Lens Implantation Forceps

Standard cross-action.

Smooth and curved jaws,

108mm long


VD-OPT-1085   Without Lock
VD-OPT-1086   With Lock


Lens Implantation Forceps 
Standard cross-action.

The thin low profile jaws

securely grip the optic

and avoid lens migration.

With lock, 108 mm long



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