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Repair of Surgical Instruments - All You Need To know

Surgical instrument repair fully recovers materials

The repair of surgical instruments is a procedure that must be performed by professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the surgical instruments without damaging them. It is a process that consists of repairing the damage responsibly caused to the materials, making them suitable for use again.

The surgical instrument repair service is recommended for all organizations that use this type of material in medical and surgical procedures, such as hospitals and clinics.

How surgical instrument repair works

Surgical instrument repairs can be done on any type of instrument that presents damage or defect, as long as it demonstrates conditions for total repair to return to its full function with its original characteristics. To do so, the professionals who repair surgical instruments previously perform a technical assessment to identify the problems and their severity. Then, the repair is done taking into consideration all the specifications of each piece of equipment to apply the restoration properly.

During the repair of surgical instruments, procedures such as:

  • heat treatment;

  • parts recovery

  • electrochemical engraving

  • adjustment;

  • sharpening;

  • alignment;

  • welding; and

  • Polishing all takes place

The repairs of surgical instruments is an important process and should be exclusively performed by specialists to certify the full state of recovery of the parts so that their performance while in use isn't impaired. It is essential to search for responsible companies and professionals that offer the appropriate technical conditions, so it is important to know the company before doing business and thus obtain information about their commitment to customers and compliance with deadlines, among other responsibilities.

High quality in surgical instruments recovery

Jensen Instrument Technologies accepts demands from all over the country by mail or private carrier. The service offered has quality assurance and the delivery time is always the best possible for our clients. The materials used by our company are the first class to ensure high-quality services. The performance of Jensen’s professionals makes a difference in service among other companies in the industry.

To know more about our services on surgical instrument repairs:

Call 1800 188 218 or click here to contact us via email.


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