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Our company was founded in 1983, Jensen Instrument Technologies is a company specialized in Laser Engraving of Surgical Instruments, during these 39 years, a long experience was acquired, and thus resulting in a reference company in the field with an excellent quality and excellent professionals.

Jensen Instrument Technologies is specialized in services of Laser Engraving in Surgical Instruments in several materials such as:

  • Tempered Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Brass

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics.

There are many applications that we can do with lasers, we can also do the laser engraving on surgical instruments that are with treatment already applied (chrome, nitrided, anodized).

In the case of surgical instruments, Jensen Instrument Technologies guarantees 100% accuracy, as we are highly reliable, and our 39 years of experience in laser engraving has made us a market reference.

Why Choose Us?

More and more products need to be traceable today, for logistical, maintenance and safety reasons. Tracking parts and products starts with the application of a number that is recognizable and unique to the organization. Especially in this application, marking lasers are an exceptional addition for companies and hospitals. Here are some benefits of laser marking your surgical instruments;

  • Laser marking is resistant to acids, cleaning agents and body fluids.

  • Depending on the marking process to which the utensil or instrument is subjected, its structure remains intact, without delving into the material, which guarantees proper cleaning and sterilization of the instruments.

  • Permanent and long-lasting identification.

  • It offers long-lasting and durable identification in color change, without affecting the surface structure of the material.

  • In addition, the marking is free of rough edges, where bacteria could accumulate.

  • Your medical instruments are guaranteed to be sterile.

Do ensure to contact us if you need Laser Engraving done on your Surgical Instruments.


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