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Everything you Need to Know about Surgical Instrument Repair

The repair of surgical instruments is essential for medical procedures such as exams, treatments, or surgeries to be carried out in perfect conditions since a small failure can jeopardize the accuracy of a result and/or the effectiveness of treatment and cause damage to both the patient and the professionals in the field.

The repair of surgical instruments consists of adjustments, restorations, and servicing performed with the aim of returning the instruments to normal conditions of use, with safety for doctors and patients, and consequently prolonging the durability of the equipment, which ensures an excellent cost-benefit ratio, since it reduces the costs of having to purchase new equipment.

In the repair of surgical instruments, several procedures are performed according to the specific instrument, and the need for repair is presented. This type of procedure can either be performed in a corrective way, when the instrument already presents wear and tear, or in a corrective, preventive way, which aims to prevent the occurrence of problems during use.

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