Endex 6 Laparoscopic Instruments

Endex 6 Laparoscopic Instruments


The Endex 6 Laparoscopic range covers Laparoscopic Needle Holders, Detachable Laparoscopic Needle Holders, Lightweight Laparoscopic Needle Holders, and Laparoscopic Instruments.

Endex 6 Laparoscopic Instrumentation provides perfection with a tactile feel, aiding better control and precision during an operation. Each laparoscopic instrument is correctly balanced, lessening fatigue during lengthy procedures.

Each device is engineered from 420c German stainless steel, ensuring durability throughout every procedure undertaken.

Established supplier with over 30 years of experience

24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services

In-stock facilities throughout Australia


Endex 6 Laparoscopic Brochure

Endex 6 Lap Needle Holder Brochure

Endex 6 Detachable Lap Needle Holder Brochure


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