New Ideas in Patient Care


New Ideas in Patient Care

Over the years, customers, clinicians and others have been a source of great product ideas. Our research and development teams have collaborated with these experts to bring new products to the market advancing innovation and patient care.


Do you have an idea for a product or service to share with Jensen? The Idea Generator procedure describes the submission process to turn your idea into reality

Idea Generator Procedure

Making your submission as clear and concise as possible increases its chances of a successful review. Please read these procedure requirements to understand how to prepare your submission.

Document Your Idea

Please help us to fully understand your submission. Along with a description of its purpose, describe how it works and how it will benefit medical practice. Upload any documents necessary to explain your idea, including graphics or illustrations.

Establish Alignment and Value

Jensen is looking for new ideas that are aligned to the company’s business platforms, with a focus on products that help protect against infection, improve patient outcomes, and advance patient and provider safety. Your submission should answer these questions:

  • What differentiates your product idea from what is currently being offered by Jensen or other medical device companies?

  • What is the value of the product or service to all those involved, especially the clinical user or patient?

Review Terms and Conditions

Prior to submitting your proposal, carefully review Terms of Submission. This document is to ensure that all parties understand the process.

Terms of Submission for Idea Generator
Jensen welcomes any outside submission that is made voluntarily and is free of any legal encumbrance such as a duty of confidentiality or obligation to a third party. All parties making submissions should take adequate steps to legally protect their idea or invention, including, where appropriate, seeking or obtaining patent protection.

Please include in your Submission details regarding any pending or issued patents related to your submission. If no such application has been filed, you should sign and date your descriptions and drawings, and preferably have them witnessed by a third party.

Please carefully review the Terms of Submission. Submission of your idea or invention serves as an acceptance of these Terms. Regretfully, we cannot proceed with any consideration of your Submission until these Terms are accepted.


Terms of Submission

  1. My Submission does not violate the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, a duty of confidentiality regarding the idea or invention, trade secret rights, contractual rights, obligations to license or assign, or any other intellectual property of proprietary rights.

  2. I understand that at this time Jensen is under no obligation to treat my Submission as confidential, and it is at the sole discretion of Jensen to determine whether to treat my Submission as confidential, regardless of its content or method of submission.

  3. I agree that I will not rely on any current or future alleged trade secret rights or other proprietary rights for any legal claims against Jensen relating to my Submission.

  4. Acceptance of these Terms does not grant any patent rights to Jensen under pending or granted patents related to the Submission. I understand that Jensen is under no obligation to seek or to obtain patent rights for my Submission on my behalf.

  5. I understand that Jensen may have developed, had suggested to it, or in the future may have suggested to it many potential products, inventions, and/or ideas, and there is the possibility that some of these potential products, inventions, and/or ideas may be similar to my Submission. Therefore, I agree that Jensen remains free to use any potential product, invention, and/or idea in the public domain, or otherwise available to Jensen.

  6. I agree that Jensen is under no obligation to consider or use any part of my Submission and submitted materials may not be returned or preserved. I agree that Jensen can make copies of my Submission materials.

Submitting Your Idea

Use the idea generator online form to complete your submission.

Await Jensen Review and Response

Once submitted, the non-confidential information regarding your idea will go through a review process at Jensen. Various groups throughout the company will review your idea and assess whether it is a viable idea for Jensen.


You can expect to receive a response from Jensen about your idea within three months of submitting your idea.


Thank you for choosing to share your idea with Jensen.

Define the Concept

Before submitting your idea to Jensen, consider these questions: Is it something new and unique? Is your proposal complete? While all submissions will be reviewed, there is a difference between an idea and a concept. We want to see ideas that are ready for consideration and communicated clearly.