Regal 22 Electrosurgery Instruments

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Regal 22 Electrosurgery Instruments


Regal 22 offer the ultimate Electrosurgery Solution with an extensive range of Bipolar Forceps, Cables, Electrodes, Disposable Forceps, Pencils and much more.


Jensen Instrument Technologies brand for Electrosurgery instruments is Regal 22. Each instrument is crafted with the highest grade (420c) stainless steel and titanium and coated with double-dipped non-toxic nylon. These instruments are handcrafted to meet surgeon’s expectations globally with a precise, durable and quality product.


Regal 22 is a leader in Electrosurgery instrumentation with consistent, on-going research development and design.


Established supplier with over 30 years of experience


24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services


In-stock facilities throughout Australia