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Jensen Instruments is the proud distributor of the Dufner Tuttlingen Instruments in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Currently headquartered in Bahnhofstrasse the Dufner family business was established in 1965 with the sole focus of producing quality surgical instruments for the medical environment.  The manufacturing process evolved throughout the years with a strong focus on creating better and more modern equipment pieces of the highest standard.


They produce the following instruments:


Open Surgery -

  • High frequency surgical instruments, including the special Neurosurgery Series.

  • Micro instruments, including the Dicratec Series.

  • Gynaecological instruments, including the popular z-clamps

  • Plastic instruments

  • Surgical instruments




These stainless-steel instruments are expertly designed and quality tested each step of the process to ensure the highest standard of efficiency, effectiveness and durability in use. 


All the surgeries listed above require expert focus and precision-based surgery in theatre, exactly what these instruments were crafted to handle.


A good portion of these instruments are designed in such a way that does not necessitate each item being disassembled for cleaning and sterilization purposes, providing more efficient and effective service delivery.


Dufner strives for excellence and quality in all their product offerings.

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Established supplier with over 30 years of experience


24 hours in facility turnaround on repairs and services


In-stock facilities throughout Australia


DUFNER General Surgical Instruments